On Campus Shops

Aside from the high quality uniforms that we produce, Uniforms by Design also has a great expertise in managing your on Campus Uniform Shops.  At Uniforms by Design we currently manage a number of on campus uniform shops and we are eager to discuss the specific needs of your school to see if we can be of assistance


If your school has even the most basic of facilities such as a large storage area or spare office or room we can set up a uniform shop on campus for you.  This enables your school to have the convenience of an on site shop, without the school funds being tied up in stock and staffing.  We can work with you to set up the store and from that point on we can provide generous trading hours, school rebates and very competitive prices.


We can also offer access to the on site shop during school holidays so that your students and parents have the easiest way possible to get fully kitted out before the school term commences.


Our experience with the schools that we currently work with shows that a school can reduce the ongoing costs of running their own shop enormously thus freeing up funds for far more important educational facilities and activities.


If you would like to discuss us setting up an on site school uniform shop please feel free to contact David on 0412 191 253

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At Uniforms by Design we keep a running stock of your most in demand uniform supplies and are able to get new stock out to your shop with very little notice.

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